PH 01 – What about color?

Date/Time: Wednesday 8:00 PM

Teacher: Bonnie Miles


Skill Level: ALL

Handout Fee: $1.00

**NOTE – photo  is just a sample of using colors and backgrounds.


Which comes first, a focus fabric or the pattern?

How do you choose a focus fabric?  What do I get for a background?

How do you put fabrics together that seem to scream at each other?

What does”value” mean?    What is a “reproduction” fabric?  

What about directionals?  Can I mix them in?

HELP !  I need counsel at the fabric store.

Store employees tell me that they hear these questions over and over, when quilters come in to purchase fabrics.  This fun class / discussion will answer these questions – and MANY MORE – as we talk about fabrics, colors, value, mixing colors and  patterns and choosing just the perfect combination.   It’s designed to help you become more confident as you purchase fabrics for your next project.  Lots of examples and samples.

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