31 – Dancing Chickens & Flying Pigs

Date/Time: Friday 2:00 PM

Teacher: Susan Greenhalgh

Email: susangreenhalgh7@gmail.com

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size: 48″ x 50″

Pattern Fee: Approx $45

Can be found online or I bought mine at the quilt shop in Springville.

Description: Welcome to a fun class. This is mostly handwork – wool applique on linen background. The woold could easily be substituted for fabric of your choice and then appliqued on. This would be a completely different look but equally gorgeous!

Do you know what gossamer is? I didn’t either when I started this project. As I worked on my flying pigs, they needed gossamer wings . . . so I learned and now I have pigs flying happily along on gossamer wings.

We will work on one block in class. We will go over linen fabric, use of wool and applique stitches, color placement, corner blocks and how this all works together. It will be SEW FUN! Call me with any questions. 801-698-7187

Fabric/Supply Requirements:

  • 3 yards of linen and woven wool in various colors. I used what wool I had around.
  • Various colors of wool thread, Valdoni Thread and DMC thread. (I just went through my stash and bought none.)
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