18 – Kites & Wings

Date/Time: Wednesday 8:30 AM

Teacher: Bonnie Miles

Email: bonnieamiles@gmail.com

Skill Level: ALL

Size: TBD – Baby to King

Pattern Fee: $1.00

Description: Also referred to as a “Spider Web” quilt, this great old time quilt is perfect for using up your scraps, OR for a particular fabric line. Rather than having to purchase expensive rulers, you will learn how to draft your own “kite” (or use the template provided by the teacher), and add the “wings” as you go. Then, with only a trim with a large square ruler, you have your first block segment. Easy as pie! And you’ll also learn how to keep that block FLAT! Lots of fun options here.

Fabric/Supply List:

1 yard “kite” fabric

Lots of strips and scraps

12″ square ruler

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