18 – Homestead Star

Date/Time: Thursday 8:30 AM

Teacher: Claudia Crump

Email: quilts@color-country.net

Skill Level: All Levels

Size: 43″ x 43″ or 60″ x 60″ or 80″ x 80″

Pattern Fee: $13.00 – Order HERE

Description: I love star quilts! They make my heart sing!! Here is a fun one that makes working with bias fun and easy. You will love creating your next heirloom quilt.

Fabric Requirements:

Purchase the pattern and decide what you size you want to do and what variation you want. Purchase fabric accordingly.


  • Spray Starch all fabric with heavy duty starch BEFORE cutting strips
  • Machine
  • Rotary Mat, Cutter & Ruler with 45 degree cutting line
  • Basic Sewing Kit
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