12 – Ruby Claire’s Quilt

Date/Time: Wednesday 2:00 PM

Teacher: Paula McKinlay

Email: PaulaDMcKinlay@gmail.com

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Size: 44″ x 44″

Pattern Fee: $7.00

Description: Do you ever have a piece of fabric you just can’t cut up? Well, here is the quilt for you… Ruby Claire’s Quilt …. The center medallion is cut 10 ½” X 10 ½” so you can spotlight the best part of your favorite fabric…then gather the rest of your favorite fabric and put them all in a darling baby quilt. I used lots of Liberty of London prints, that are just perfect for a sweet baby girl. You will perfect the hourglass block…because you will make millions of them…. not quite a million but close… okay, not close…you will make 144… but then I always make twice as many to add to the back. It is a darling baby… the quilt is pretty cute too.

Fabric Requirements:

  • For the quilt I used as many 5 ½” and 4” squares I could pull out of my cupboards, I wanted lots of variety. If you are buying new fabric ¼ yard pieces or fat quarters will work well. You will need a total of roughly 3 – 4 yards. You will get 2 squares out of each pair of fabrics…. So, out of the 100 5 ½” squares you will end up with 100 hourglass blocks.
  • 100 5 ½” X 5 ½” assorted lights, mediums, darks
  • 25 4” X 4” assorted Lights, mediums, darks
  • 10 ½” X 10 ½” piece of focus fabric to use as the center medallion THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF FABRIC
  • Backing
  • Batting
  • Binding
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